Every gift matters and makes a difference

From all of us at Wittenberg, thank you for advancing our mission and supporting our students through your exceptional generosity this year. Having Light, you changed lives, and we are #WittProud to call you our alumni and friends. Please enjoy our 2020-21 online annual report and a special letter of thanks here.

Stats That Shine

For fiscal year 2020-21, the Wittenberg light inspired total giving in the amount of $12,850,066.60, $5.4 million more than the prior year. Far beyond a “wow moment,” this record-setting success directly reflects the impact Wittenberg has made in so many lives. It also demonstrates that Wittenberg is a place worthy of investment where students, faculty, staff, and alumni know that our light is our legacy.

Light Shining Through Stained Glass in Weaver Chapel

Having Light, You Gave Generously


Total Giving


Households Gave


of Households Also
Gave Last Year


First-Time Donors


Alumni Participation


Launch of the


Raised on
Commit to Witt


Alumni Virtual
Events Attended

Lighting the Way

The Wittenberg light has shone brightly since 1845. Together, we can keep it lit for generations by giving to our $100-million Having Light: The Campaign for Wittenberg University.

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